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Rent Your Home at Errahome

Errahome provides long-term profitable agreements for landlords and construction companies with its positive relationship with tenants and effective business model.

Why Do Home Owners Prefer Errahome?

Sustainable Rental Income

Rental payments to landlords are made by Errahome. In this way, rental income is not interrupted during the contract process, even during tenant changes and maintenance and repairs. Errahome acts as a guarantor for the homeowner.

Errahome Guarantorship

Errahome provides a transparent property management service by protecting the rights of both parties through contracts with landlords and tenants. In this way, even in case of a possible negative experience with the tenant, the landlord takes the necessary steps without the need for the landlord to be involved in the process, eliminating the possibility of any negative scenario that the landlords may experience with the tenants.

Maintenance Repair & Added Value

Flat renovation and maintenance is provided by a professional technical team. Then, our designers and interior architects prepare the most suitable product selection for your apartment and meticulously arrange every detail together with our operations team. In this way, the rental rate and rental value of your flat increases.

Errahome Advantages for Construction Companies

Long Term Cooperation

For construction companies, we guarantee the rental income of their properties. Your rental income is not interrupted even during tenant changes and maintenance-repair processes. We take part as a business partner in many large projects and ensure that property owners earn sustainable high income.

Living Projects

From the moment the project is completed, Errahome furnishes and rents the apartments in a short time with its effective organization team. Projects turn into living spaces and become valuable in a very short time.

Response to Increasing Demand

The furnished apartment rental sector is growing rapidly, especially in metropolitan areas close to business centers. This growth is preferred by employees and employers who demand the ease of urban work and housing connections, who travel frequently for work and who want to minimize the hassle of moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which apartments are suitable for Errahome?

Apartments of various sizes, from studio apartments to 5+2, located close to the city center and business districts, are available for rent. When choosing an apartment, basic needs for tenants, such as ease of transportation and security, are taken into consideration.

How long will Errahome rent my apartment?

Errahome rents your flat for a minimum of 1 year or longer, and if the parties are satisfied, the contract is automatically extended.

What if my apartment remains empty, will I have any payment problems?

In accordance with the contract made between Errahome and the landlords, renting the house is the responsibility of Errahome and the necessary rental payments are made by Errahome to the landlord without interruption until the contract ends.

Who is responsible for damages to my apartment?

Errahome focuses on referenced employees of corporate companies when selecting tenants in line with the demands of homeowners. The ID we require from our tenants & In addition to passport information, documents such as reference letters received from the company are part of our security measures. These documents provide assurance for both landlords and tenants. While Errahome pays attention to the confidentiality of personal information, it is obliged to keep the identity information of the tenants. Transparency and security are always our priority during the tenant selection process. 

Can I give my flat furnished to Errahome?

Errahome assumes responsibility for any damage that may occur due to tenants. For this reason, it collects a deposit from its tenants when signing a contract. In addition, we also undertake routine maintenance and inspections to ensure that your apartment always remains in top condition. 

Who will pay the withholding tax?

In order to maintain our standards and minimize organizational problems, we prefer to receive the apartments unfurnished and furnish them ourselves. If the flat you want to rent is furnished, we check whether the existing furnishings meet the preferences and needs of our tenants and evaluate the appropriate options together with you.