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As Errahome, we offer a unique experience with every detail considered; We bring a new definition to apartment rental.

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Get to Know Us

Errahome is a physical & is a property management company that brings together digital solutions. We have been adapting to the requirements of the digital age since 2015. 

With our extensive field experience and deep-rooted knowledge in the sector, we offer medium and long-term furnished apartment rental options for user needs. Our goal is to go further every day by creating safe, peaceful and comfortable living spaces for everyone. 


The Errahome community covers a wide spectrum, from business partners to the tenants we serve. Coming together around common values and encouraging each participant to contribute to each other forms the basis of our culture. We believe in the importance of correct communication and being open to innovations in order to make this culture sustainable. 


In today's world, where freedom of movement increases, we direct our sense of belonging to the place and situation we are in. The services and apartments we offer aim to ensure that our tenants find a safe and comfortable living space. We care about providing a friendly and warm welcome for our tenants from all over the world. We continue our mission of creating a comfortable living space by ensuring that our tenants experience Errahome's lifestyle in the best way. 


We prepare the most advantageous plans for you by using the latest developments in the field of real estate technologies and focus on improving our services day by day. 

We create a reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly property management ecosystem by increasing the number of partners we cooperate with. 



As Errahome, we believe in the healing power of art and adopt a user-oriented design approach. By offering functional solutions, we focus on creating well-decorated, peaceful and warm homes. We take care to stay in contact with creative actors from different disciplines. At Erra Academy, we encourage young designers to produce innovative ideas and design their own products, and we include some of these products in our collection.

What are the services we offer for our tenants?

Errahome develops special strategies for housing rental processes on behalf of its tenants. Offering flexible contract periods between 4-12 months and the opportunity to change flats during the contract period, Errahome helps you find the most suitable option.

Those who are on business trips, traveling for health purposes, those who do not want to buy a house or those who do not want to buy a house. It offers fully equipped apartments with flexible contract and payment options for those who just need freedom of movement and do not want to be tied to one location for a long time.

Errahome's professional consultants and services make a difficult process such as moving easier for you. . It offers you your home ready-made, without having to make any extra effort to find the right location, provide the appropriate furniture for the flat and arrange subscriptions such as water, electricity, natural gas and internet.

Life in ErraHome

What Services Do We Offer for Property Owners?

Errahome specializes in matching homeowners' apartments with reliable tenants. Our professional team manages and facilitates the entire process between landlords and tenants. The value of your flat increases with the necessary renovations before it is rented. Your home preserves its value with regular maintenance and repairs throughout the contract period.

In addition, even if the tenant does not settle, your rent will be paid uninterruptedly by Errahome in accordance with the agreement,  Thus, you will have a sustainable and secure income.

Errahome's professional designers and interior architects decorate your apartments, adding value to your apartment and maximizing your rental income.

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