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We are building tomorrow's lifestyle together!

We do work that adds value to life with a team that takes responsibility, tries, and cares about creativity and polyphony. We are always open to new talents in our rapidly growing team.

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A team that is not afraid to try and grow together

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Under the umbrella of Errahome, people with many different perspectives come together and work on projects and tasks. Teamwork is carried out with open communication on a common goal where roles and responsibilities are clear.


We encourage all our teammates to take responsibility, we are not afraid of making mistakes within the agile organizational structure, and we like to take action and try. We learn from each other by sharing our different talents and experiences.  


We believe that the work we do adds value to life and we know that we can achieve more. Being aware that time is our most valuable capital, we always take care to use it in the most efficient way.

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